Terri Lee

Spark Plug

Terri’s moniker at Philosophy is “Spark Plug”. Why? Terri ignites concepts, ideas, and strategies. Plus she likes to make sure projects run as smoothly as a well-tuned Ferrari. Vroom, vroom.

Terri brings passion and creative energy to the business consulting side of account management. In her previous role of 10 years – as the owner of a full-service agency called Lively Marketing (one of the first virtual agencies in the country) – Terri considered herself an advocate for the client. She tries to do what’s in the client’s best interests and meet their business goals at Philosophy too.

Overall, Terri brings 25 years of experience supporting her clients efforts to grow and succeed, in many and varied industries, from tech to healthcare to spas to retail of luxury brands — and all sizes, from Fortune 100 companies to franchises to start-ups.

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