Marking 15 Years in Business: What a Relief!

An anniversary of any kind can feel like a relief. It’s a collective sigh of, “we made it.” And we humans like to package that relief in a celebration, but it’s a relief nonetheless. The commemoration of a milestone anniversary, particularly in business, is about the lessons learned, a reflection on the past to help guide the future, a shared glimpse at the experiences, people and circumstances that have made us what we are today.

Philosophy Communication is marking 15 years in business this month, and in many respects it does feel like a relief. When we started our business, our goal and mission was to keep ourselves gainfully employed (on our terms) and to do things differently. We didn’t set out to reach a 15-year milestone. We simply set out. So to say it’s a relief to reach 15 years is true.

All this talk about celebrating gets us thinking, however. What are we really celebrating? We’re celebrating the present because of the past. All the employees, clients, vendors, partners, friends and family, whether good or bad, got us right here, right now. So we’d like to say “thank you” to all the people who’ve joined us on our journey. It’s been an adventure, it’s been fun, it’s been sometimes challenging, and mostly, it’s been worthwhile.

Fifteen years in business is an amazing feat. And in the present today, a reflective look back, helps us guide the future. We’re grateful.

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