Full of Gratitude

Philosophy team members with our client, Denver Teacher Residency.

Philosophy recently received high recognition for our work. We won nine awards at the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Colorado Chapter’s annual Gold Pick awards. We entered six campaigns and two components and won an award for each entry. The ninth award was for the Grand Gold Pick, which is given to the best campaign of the year.  We’re grateful and humbled to be recognized in such a big way for the work we do every day.

While it’s amazing to receive awards and acknowledgement for a job well done, the real gratitude goes to our clients. As I was sitting at the awards ceremony, I fully realized Philosophy wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our clients and the work THEY do. Philosophy is beyond fortunate to have amazing clients that affect and impact every citizen of Colorado, our communities and families. We won the highest honors of the evening because of work we did for the Denver Teacher Residency (DTR) program, Denver Public School’s (DPS) unique teacher prep and training program.

DTR came to us with a modest budget, yet clearly defined goals. Its challenge was to find and encourage professionals in the community to become teachers. Philosophy’s work focused on local media outreach to gain 336 applicants by the February 15th deadline. We began our work in December and worked through the holidays and January to encourage media to write, air and publish stories about the unique program. DTR follows a residency model like that in the medical field.  The campaign surpassed its goals, even securing a story from the Associate Press.

Our success with DTR, however, must be attributed to the people behind the program – our clients. A dedicated staff of educators turned administrators are ultimately responsible for the success of DTR. Philosophy couldn’t have reached our goals without the focus and determination or our clients, and for that, we are grateful.

We were also recognized with four awards for our work with Colorado Proud, a program of the Colorado Department of Agriculture aimed at encouraging people to buy or support locally grown, raised or processed agricultural products. We planned and implemented a year-long campaign encouraging consumers to “Choose Colorado.” The campaign included an agricultural tour across the state, media outreach and social media. The result was nearly 27 million impressions and 85 percent of Colorado consumers saying they bought a Colorado Proud product.

Philosophy Communication 2014 PRSA Award Winner

Philosophy team members with our client, Colorado Proud.

Our work promoting the Town of Frisco and our work rebranding Nebraska Home Appliance also earned awards. Media outreach for the Town of Frisco resulted in record attendance at the town’s signature summer event. Rebranding and positioning for Nebraska Home Appliance spiked website traffic and ultimately sales.

Thank you, Philosophy clients! We appreciate you more than you know. These honors and awards are really for you. We are full of gratitude.

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