What You Really Should Be Doing During Lunch

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk shoveling salad and staring blankly at your computer screen most lunchtimes? Does your sack lunch look like this? A 2010 Monster study discovered that 21 percent of people reported always eating lunch at their desks (7 percent denied eating lunch at all) and 32 percent took a lunch break “only if I’m not too busy.” If you are like most of us, you are doing it all wrong. Here are a few ways to boost your energy and to power up your productivity during lunch.

MOVE: Get outside, people-watch and take a walk. Walking outdoors improves your circulation and exposes you to sunlight and vitamin D, which boosts your immune system and metabolism. Alternatively, a quick YogaSculpt class at Denver’s CorePower Yoga gets you a power yoga class with weights at 85 degrees. And, don’t use the “I’ll be sweaty!” excuse — they have nice showers.

CONNECT: Getting out of the office with your coworkers can lead to “unplanned collaboration.” You would be surprised how many ideas come about over a burrito and lead to solutions for work. And once you’ve established a rapport with a colleague in a more casual atmosphere, it’s going to be easier to approach them in the workplace.

CHILL OUT: Give yourself a non-screen hour. Find a place to eat your lunch someplace other than your desk and leave your phone behind. Even taking a power nap can do wonders for your creativity and energy!

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