Keeping the Magic Alive – Maintaining Successful Relationships with Clients

Most relationship experts agree there are five keys to a successful marriage. These same keys are just as relevant when it comes to an agency’s relationship with its clients:

  1. Communication – Be sure to communicate thoroughly with clients so that you have a clear understanding of their needs and expectations. Ask questions and give explanations of work requirements and how that work meets their business goals.
  2. Mutual Respect – The client chose your business for its expertise, but this doesn’t make you the alpha in the relationship. To keep running, your business needs clients just as much as clients need you for your work. Be sure to include the client in big decisions and don’t be afraid to brainstorm ideas with them.
  3. Trust and Honesty – Once again, the client chose your business, so don’t make them regret this decision by price gouging or surprising them with extra expenses. It’s much better to be transparent with pricing and work efforts. It tells the client why your business is better than the competition and justifies the added value you bring to their business. There is definitely truth in the adage: “You get what you pay for.”
  4. Try New Things – If you’ve worked with the same client on several projects, chances are they are pretty familiar with your work. Don’t be afraid to explore outside the box and pitch new ideas to them. This will keep your client intrigued and less likely to shop around.
  5. Pick Your Battles – We all know the customer isn’t always right, but if you’re always butting heads with your client, they won’t want to keep working with you. In turn, if you compromise with them early on, they are more likely to compromise with you down the road when it’s something that you believe can positively impact the client’s business goals.

Keeping the magic alive in business relationships doesn’t have to be a challenge—and hopefully with these tips and strategies, you can not only keep your clients and customers happy, but you can build and maintain strong, healthy and vibrant relationships that help both parties reach success.

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