How To Know When It’s Time To Update Your Company Image

Philosophy‘s co-founder and resident Thinker, Jennifer Lester, has recently shared her thoughts with Lioness Magazine regarding when you should consider updating your company’s image.

Many service companies suffer from outdated and out-of-touch identities. Business owners often think they invested in branding when they founded the company, and that one-time investment should last forever. However, just like you update your hairstyle and wardrobe, you must also update your company’s brand essence.  So how do you know when it’s time to update your company image? Easy. Have 10 years passed? If so, it’s time. Can your employees easily answer what makes your company better than any other in your market? If not, it’s time. The bottom line is, you want to tell your people how and what to think about your company so you know they are not making stuff up. Building a brand for your company is the first step to letting others sell for you.

Click here to read the complete article in Lioness Magazine.

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