Business Unusual.

Over the last week many clients and industry peers have asked us:

  • What are your clients doing?
  • Are people holding back or are things moving forward?
  • What kinds of work is Philosophy performing right now?

In many ways, Philosophy feels the last week was an anthropology exercise into the mindset of business leaders and how they adjust their businesses to the changing landscape. For some clients it has meant cutting budgets and postponing events; for others it has meant a rise in communication to key stakeholders, creating of new products literally overnight to serve a population, and around-the-clock recruitment initiatives to staff nurses.

Through all of these changes, Philosophy’s position has remained steadfast in focusing on our clients’ businesses and advising on strategies that make sense for today. Overall, the majority of the clients we work with are adjusting their businesses and collaborating to come up with new, sound strategies for their organizations. The leadership Philosophy has witnessed has made many of us take note and express extreme gratitude for the privilege of working with clients who have such inspirational leaders at their helms.

Right now, some of the work that is taking center stage includes:

  • Messaging: CEO communication, CSR phone scripts, messaging for evolving departments
  • Digital Strategy: website updates and keyword search buys
  • Media Relations and Social Media: Home office stories, company alerts and posts
  • Recruitment: Job descriptions for businesses reporting to the front line of this crisis
  • Graphic Design: Handwashing posters for schools, sales training videos/presentations, direct mail
  • Business Strategy Consulting:
    • Service companies offering to provide necessities on the way to service calls (This is Robby’s Ice Cream principle at its finest)
    • Community support for healthcare workers: Tres Picosos delivering burritos to hospitals; blog thanking healthcare workers for their service
    • New offerings: Webinars for training

Even though the landscape is changing, our true north remains the same: focusing on the customer. As long as we continue focusing on our clients and supporting their businesses, we will get through this period. We care about our partners and really do spend our days and nights thinking about how our clients can prosper. We know that when our clients succeed, so do we.

It may be business unusual, but this is what Philosophy’s experts prepare for, and we’re here to keep you going. Our gratitude for our clients, partners, peers, family and friends is ringing loud and clear. As a wise woman once said to me, “something good is going to come out of this,” and I pray that this will be true.

Keep calm, focus on the customer and carry on,
The Philosophy Team

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