3 Apps To Get You Through the Workweek

If Sunday night rolls around and you’re having a tough time facing Monday, do not despair. Here are three tried and true apps to get you through the workweek.

  1. King Soopers Home Delivery — No one has time to shop for groceries these days. Now you don’t have to. While still at the office, you can log on to King Soopers and order all of the items you need, to complete your meals for the week. Get your Udi’s granola and Greek yogurt, a brisket for Tuesday night dinner and vegan tacos for Thursday. You can even set your delivery time. All for the normal cost of groceries, plus a $10.95 delivery fee.
  1. Hundred Pushups — Pushups are one of the oldest and most widely-known strength exercises on earth. They’re simple and they don’t require fancy equipment. The Hundred Push Ups app motivates you to work toward 100+ pushups a day. And it will give you those Michelle Obama biceps needed to break down walls in the workplace and hold beer steins at the FAC. At $1.99, who can complain?
  1. Headspace — Headspace bills itself as meditation made simple. Andy Puddicombe – a former Buddhist monk with a degree in circus arts AND a sexy British accent offers you a gym membership for the mind. Though not free, the mental escape is well worth the price of admission. ($7.99/month)

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