Think snail mail is obsolete? Think again

Communication has changed dramatically throughout human existence, and as time goes on, communication seems to be evolving for the better. But some feel communication is reversing itself. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the very first email, and from there society has been fixated on the rapid communication the Internet has provided.

As a result, our inboxes become bogged down every day with email and spam.  Email, although essential for the workplace, can seem impersonal and cold for personal communication. Today, receiving any form of snail mail feels more personal and tangible. Email can be erased in one quick click, but each piece of snail mail is touched by human hands. That’s why direct mailing pieces that engage the recipient have more impact than any email, no matter how clever.

We at Philosophy believe, to really reach people today, using forms of snail mail is key to your marketing and communication strategy. Direct mailers and postcards always have a higher turnout (response rates) than email campaigns. Next time you want to communicate with your audience and customers, consider sending them something more substantial to get their attention.

Here are some examples of our direct mailers that have had outstanding results from their consumers.

Specialty Appliance direct mail marketing

Philosophy Communication direct mail marketing

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