Don’t be just another face in the crowd.

Walk down the aisles of any grocery or retail store and you are instantly bombarded by hundreds of brands. The designs of these packages can make or break the value of one product of the other, especially when people are choosing between similar brands. On top of that, many people buy at an emotional level; that’s why you are likely to buy more than you need when you go shopping on an empty stomach.

As shoppers, we instinctively bucket and classify things we see, and it is important for any brand to target these behaviors. The design must be more than just a protective element or container with some branding. It must snag attention in the extremely crowed retail space, as well as create a certain perceived value within the category. Name, typeface, colors, photos, and overall design all illustrate product differentiators and create a unique brand/product perception. There are also a variety of ways to influence a person’s loyalty over a product brand through marketing campaigns, social media efforts, advertisements and etc. This campaign from Coca-Cola cleverly embodies all those elements with four pieces that are outwardly each different but are internally consistent and individually reinforce the brand messaging. And you can’t say they’re not eye-catching!


By combining these essential and interrelated elements, a brand will be able to engage their consumers through all five of their senses.

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