Ebay has a new brand logo

Posted on February 11, 2013   |   

EBay introduced a new brand logo late in 2012. Ebay states that it reflects our commitment to delivering a cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience.

We agree, it’s cleaner and more simple. But it gives-up the personality and uniqueness of their brand that they have built-up over the past decade. ┬áThe new brand mark feels generic and typical of the trend to move away from complex design in favor of all-type and one dimensional / flat logos. Seattle Coffee company did the same thing a year or so ago. Village Inn Restaurants simplified their logo from the familiar vintage feel “Village Inn” badge logo to a simple “VI.” After a few months, the signs have been switched back to the old brand mark with a smaller “vi” on the bottom. Las Vegas casino Treasure Island went “TI” and Planet Hollywood is “PH” on their marquee. Let’s see where this design trend affects other well-known brands. We feel good brand marks should stand the test of time. They should lead popular culture. Not reflect it.