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For more than two decades, Philosophy has been an industry thought leader for farmers, chefs, restaurants and government agencies. Our campaigns have made an indelible mark on the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Colorado Proud, Caribou Coffee and Natural Grocers, to name a few. 

Colorado Proud

Insight & Analysis

Colorado Proud, a marketing program created by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to help promote the state’s agricultural industry, approached Philosophy Communication to change the way Coloradans look at the Colorado Proud program and its members.

The program is membership-based and free for businesses that grow, raise or process food and agricultural products in the State of Colorado. At $40 billion per year, agriculture is one of Colorado’s largest and most prosperous industries. While most Coloradans instantly think of fruits and vegetables when they hear the word “agriculture,” a lot more falls into that category. 

Philosophy used internal and third-party surveys and concluded that:

  • 81% of Coloradans are familiar with the Colorado Proud logo
  • 90% of Coloradans would purchase Colorado products if they were identified as being from Colorado.
  • 76% of Coloradans make their grocery selections based on freshness; 57% make their selections based on price.
  • Coloradans think of corn, cattle/beef, fruits and vegetables when asked what agricultural products have the most economic significance to the state.


Armed with research, Philosophy designed the Choose Colorado campaign, a year-long, multifaceted media and social media campaign, to reach Colorado consumers. We knew that the program had a strong following and felt we had opportunities to increase awareness and purchasing among buyers. Based on our research and direction from the client, we settled on two goals:

1. Encourage Coloradans to purchase Colorado Proud products year-around

2. Increase statewide awareness about Colorado Proud and its members

With our goals in place, we shifted our focus to strategy and execution and created four targeted mini-campaigns to align with the seasons

  • Give the Gift of Colorado: A holiday media relations campaign featuring 40 businesses in 17 unique packages that made perfect gifts for parents, grandparents, children, neighbors, teachers, hostesses, pets and more.​
  • Follow Your Food: A spring media relations campaign featuring 18 products that are locally grown or raised on a farm, sold at farmers markets and local grocery stores, and perfect for outdoor entertaining and barbeques.
  • Choose Colorado Tour: A three-week, 11-event, statewide road trip during Colorado Proud Month (August 2013), educating consumers about locally grown produce, the importance of buying local and its impact on the state’s economy.
  • 52 Reasons to Choose Colorado: A weekly social media campaign featuring 52 Colorado Proud businesses as “reasons” for consumers to seek out local products when shopping.


The Colorado Proud “Choose Colorado” campaign was a success. Sixty percent of Colorado Proud members reported an increase in sales, store and website traffic, and inquiries. Colorado Proud noted a four percent increase (from 81 to 85 percent) in familiarity of the Colorado Proud logo among Coloradans. Colorado Proud’s social channel reached an estimated 10,738 people per day. Finally, the Colorado Department of Agriculture experienced a 25% increase in Colorado Proud membership, the largest annual increase the program has ever seen

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