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What to Expect When You Partner with
Philosophy Communication

With every client engagement, our experts perform six fundamental steps to ensure a great customer experience. It is our main goal that we are exceeding expectations, producing creative excellence and delivering results that positively change the client’s business financially, operationally and culturally.


How We Create Successful Client Partnerships & Deliver Real Results

Client’s Best Interest First – We practice active listening to learn about your company and your role, the better to uncover opportunities to support your business.

Nurture Relationships – We stress the importance of face-to-face meetings and work to build a rapport with you—because a real relationship with you inspires us to work harder for you.

Client Industry Expertise – We focus on more than your business, studying to become real experts in your industry. With nearly 20 years in business, we’ve become experts in more than a few industries.

Students of the Business – We continue to hone our own craft in order to bring you ideas at the forefront of the marketing and public relations world.

Above and Beyond – We seek to provide more in value than we receive in payment, which is our definition for a true partner.

Shaping Thought – We create dialogues to build meaningful relationships that inspire behaviors. For more on the foundation of our approach, go back to the top of the page and keep reading.

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The Genesis of Our Company and Its Approach

Our Process

Align (A Singular Message)
1. Purpose: Collaborate with client to set a meaningful and realistic goal
2. Audience: Identify the relationships that need building
3. Delve: Identify desired data and conduct research
4. Metrics: Set proof points and/or key performance indicators (KPIs)
5. Message: Simplify the message and ground it in the audience

Act (A Calculated Disruption)
6. The big idea: Look inside and out of the industry to inspire big ideas and calculated disruptions
7. Execution: Bring the big idea to life

Adjust (Measurement)
8. Measure: Analyze metrics against the goals
9. Debrief: Discuss learnings with client and adjust


How We Measure Success

For Philosophy Communication, it isn’t enough to gain a spike in sales or drive awareness, we work toward results with more substance. We know that the impact of a truly successful campaign is felt deep within the organization and affects the trajectory of our clients’ overall business. At Philosophy Communication, we measure success by the positive impact we make financially, operationally and culturally. Contact us today to get started on the journey to success!