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Published in countless construction publications, Philosophy is a stable partner who can flex with the industry. With a team who has been born into the construction industry, we zero in on strategies that positively impact the bottom line. We won’t let you give us disrupting initiatives because we understand how construction works. Our hard hat stays focused on your target audiences, so we can avoid waste at all costs.   


ToolWatch Corporation, a leading provider of construction operations and mobile safety management solutions, needed to penetrate the construction market while raising brand recognition among industry professionals. ToolWatch also wanted to increase opportunities for partnerships with other companies that might expand sales avenues. Additionally, ToolWatch wanted to increase interest from investors to grow its business.


Research indicated that while ToolWatch is well known in the construction industry, 40 percent of its customers fall outside the construction industry. Knowing ToolWatch wanted to reach new audiences, we researched avenues that would be most appropriate to tell the business story, not necessarily the product story, which would draw interest from investors and companies that may have partnership opportunities. Also, we researched opportunities outside the construction field to see what there might be to draw interest from those in other industries with applicable uses of the ToolWatch product. Last, we met regularly with the ToolWatch sales team.


With a focus on gaining coverage that would increase interest among ToolWatch’s target audience, plus interest among potential investors, Philosophy identified advertising and media relations opportunities that would be interested in the company. We scheduled media appointments for CEO Don Kafka with 10 media representatives, including appointments with reporters from Engineering News Record, trade media in which ToolWatch had yet to be featured and at least one local business publication. We also created effective tools for the sales team to use that ultimately impact revenue. In addition to news announcements, byline articles and case studies, Philosophy spearheaded the creation of a press room on the ToolWatch website so that published articles would have staying power and continue to influence potential clients and investors long after the articles were viewed.


Philosophy Communication’s media campaign for ToolWatch resulted in 32 article placements and more than four million media impressions, nearly three times our original goal. We generated coverage in target construction publications, plus local business media. All published articles were added to the ToolWatch website press room so that they could continue to affect potential investors and clients in a positive way. Additionally, we provided all printed articles to the ToolWatch sales team so that they could be used as sales tools.


We scheduled seven media appointments for the president at the International Builders’ Show and nine appointments at the World of Concrete show for a total of 16 media appointments. This was six more than our goal of 10, which resulted in media coverage in and Engineering News Record.


Finally, ToolWatch was able to attract an investor that contributed needed funds (the amount was undisclosed) to ToolWatch for future growth.

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