Our latest award-winning work for Sub-Zero and Wolf


Sub-Zero and Wolf is a pair of luxury kitchen appliance brands, renowned for their exceptional quality, stunning beauty and innovative spirit.
The Challenge
To maintain the luxury experience throughout the life of each appliance and foster loyal customers, Sub-Zero and Wolf must rely on a network of 50,000+ independent distributors, retailers, interior designers, installers and servicers. Consistently communicating with this vast network though has proved a tall order.
The Big Idea
As Philosophy Communication has a long-standing relationship with Sub-Zero and Wolf and many of their premier partners, we were approached to build a communication tool that would efficiently and effectively reach their thousands of partners across the U.S. And so “The Dish” digital newsletter, distributed quarterly, was born.
the work
Strategic Oversight
List Management
Article Editing
The Payoff
Around 15,000 partners read The Dish every quarter and the feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive. Many readers write to say the newsletter helped them answer clients’ questions more effectively, as well as better understand the latest product updates.

Not satisfied with already stellar results, we’ve worked hard since the first publication to triple the engagement. Last year, we saw average reading time peak at nearly 18 minutes!