Our latest work for Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development


Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) is a non-profit focused on educating the public about the energy, economic and environmental benefits of safe and responsible oil and natural gas development.
The Challenge
Recently, the oil and natural gas industry in Colorado realized they had allowed others to own the conversation for too long, and were at the cusp of losing the right to operate in Colorado. They needed to educate Coloradans on how we obtain our energy and the benefits we receive as a result.
The Big Idea
In serious need of shaping thought, they turned to Philosophy Communication. Leveraging extensive research, we developed data-driven brand messaging, as well as a logo comprised of prized environmental assets, that would resonate with Coloradans. We then used broad-based media like billboards, bus ads, television and radio commercials to communicate CRED’s educational message.
the work
Logo Design
Brand Messaging
Traditional Advertising
Marketing Collateral
Guerilla Marketing
The Payoff
By campaign’s end:
• 98% of Coloradans had received an average of 15 ad impressions
• 750k Coloradans were driven to CRED.org
• And 76% of Coloradans expressed support for oil & natural gas development