SEO: Build It and They Will Come

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Search Engine Optimization. SEO. Search Engine Marketing. SEM. Organic search. Paper Per Click. Whatever you call it, it’s quickly becoming the most important digital strategy out there when it comes marketing. Just like the digital economy, SEO is a young industry, evolving and still trying to figure itself out. But we still know good SEO when we see it. Philosophy Communication is a marketing and public relations firm, so we develop and implement our own SEO campaigns. We have the talent on staff, so we practice on ourselves. Through our practice, we recently had a great success.

On average, the site averages 150-200 page views a day. The highly regarded industry publication, Communication Arts Magazine, recently featured a campaign Philosophy created for Lovely Confections Bakery. Our campaign was on Communication Arts’ Exhibit page on its website and was also featured on the landing page for the day. Philosophy’s page views jumped to more than 1,000 in a single day. Top that with more than 75 unique visitors to our site with an average visit time of four minutes per person and a bounce rate of 0%. Rightfully so, our phone began to ring a bit more than usual.

It took less than ten minutes to submit our campaign to the publication. The content will live on the web for up to a year or longer, continue to generate hits to our site and help raise our awareness and profile in the industry. Don’t leave your publicity to chance. Think strategically about your online presence and your SEO efforts. Build a quality campaign with targeted media placements, and persuasive content… and new visitors (potential customers) will come.

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