Is organization all it’s cracked up to be?

Some thrive on it, some despise it, but organization has proven itself worthy and necessary to every individual and business. Kindergarten was the first time a teacher expressed the diligence it takes to be organized, and how important it truly is to your success. Things haven’t changed much; our crayons are switched out for pens and construction paper for computers, tablets and smart phones—but the mentality remains: organization is key.

There are an immense amount of benefits that can derive from keeping a clutter-free work area. Here are just a few:

  1. Less stress. When you know exactly where everything is, reduces stress and allows you to…
  2. Increase efficiency. The less time you spend running around searching for things, the more time you have to get what you need to get done, and move on to the next.
  3. More time. Getting clean and clear in your work life will allow you to not only get more done during the day, but will also clear your schedule to do the extra things you enjoy.
  4. Always ready for the unexpected. Curveballs, a.k.a. life itself, hits you when your least expecting—but being prepared ahead of time will lessen the impact and have you on your way dealing with the next project.
  5. The undoable seems doable. Make a list of your to-dos and prioritize! It helps to have each project well defined, and every step well established so you can get that much closer to crossing it off your list. Those things you once thought were never going to get finished are suddenly in the past.
  6.  Greater productivity. When you know where things are, what your objectives are, and where you are going next, there is more time for your greater goals in life.

It is ingrained in our heads that organization is the key to success, but an organized life takes time and effort, and it isn’t going to be perfect. The key is to find the system that works best for you, that increases your productivity and creates the opportunities to accomplish your “big picture” objectives.


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