5 Tips for Analyzing SEO Data

5 Things to remember about analyzing and understanding search engine optimization results.

Search engine optimization is a pivotal part of online marketing, however, results are so subjective to individual expectations that we are frequently asked, “How long before I can expect results from a SEO campaign?” These five tips can help you stay focused on understanding the data and developing your SEO campaign.

1.You define your own success:SEO takes a long time because you are earning your spot at the top of the page rather than buying it. It is important to define your goals early to avoid getting frustrated so that these efforts will not be in vain. Whether it be ranking, traffic or leads, there are many factors that need to be considered before you begin collecting data or defining success.

2.Don’t forget about your audience: While your site should be optimized for Google’s evolving algorithms, its main focus should be how your customers engage with your site. SEO is about evolving your presence online and giving your customers a good experience. It is considered organic, meaning it is based on the natural flow of user interaction without paid advertising efforts (Search Engine Marketing or SEM). This takes time to build, evaluate and adapt before you reevaluate and continue building.

3.Don’t obsess over keyword ranking: Don’t get caught in the weeds trying to rank on the first page overnight because we can (almost) guarantee that this will not happen. Variables such as on-site content, domain age, competitiveness of market, and current industry standing, all affect the timeline of each individual SEO campaign and therefore hard to give an accurate estimate. Ranking is great for an overarching estimate about where you stand comparatively but it will change daily.

4.Keep updating and evolving: A realistic SEO campaign should span about six months before you even begin to evaluate its success. If you are still unhappy with the outcome, it is time to brainstorm and ask yourself some questions. Are you reaching the right audience? Are you using and tracking the right keywords? Is there an error within your site that is slowing your progress? Are you adding new content to your site regularly or have you forgotten about it for months?

5.Analytics is your very own focus group: SEO gives you lasting results if you give it the attention it deserves. With implementing Google analytics, you can start collecting data that same day. This data is a great resource for understanding and analyzing visitor behavior, giving you insight into your audience, geographic reach, site referrals and so much more. So don’t obsess over your ranking. Instead, learn from all the data available to keep growing your brand!

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