With a team of experts in business branding services, Philosophy Communication has helped countless clients home in on a unique brand strategy and identity for their business – and then take action to implement those ideas in smart, effective ways.

Innovative Approach

When you partner with Philosophy Communication for branding services, our team will collaborate with you to pinpoint, design, and launch a brand identity for your business:

First, we’ll talk about your branding vision and determine exactly where you want your business to go.

Then, it’s time to plan how the new branding will directly support your larger business strategy and goals.

Once we have a clear plan for moving forward, it’s time to tackle the creation of communicative, strong brand positioning.

When your business brand vision is nailed down, we take the work inward and begin implementing your team’s strategy. Philosophy Communication will help you build the bridges necessary to cultivate necessary change and buy-in.

From there, it’s time to deliver your brand messaging to customers, investors, channel partners, and media.

Our work isn’t complete once your new brand identity has been successfully launched. Our team is committed to helping you gain ground on your competitors – and keep that lead – with ongoing strategic planning, assessment, and repositioning as needed.

Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED)- Branding

CRED hired Philosophy Communication to launch an educational campaign targeted toward Coloradans. This award-winning education campaign educated the public and changed its perception about fracking.

Along with a solid team of key subject matter experts, Philosophy created a new name, logo and tagline, as well as advertising, marketing, public relations and outreach initiatives to support our innovative “Get the Facts” campaign asking people to learn more about fracking and decide for themselves.


Many names were on the table, but we felt the name needed to cue to the aspirational vision of the team. This education campaign was not just about “big oil” making money. It was about keeping our local economy strong, not relying on foreign oil and maintaining a responsible way to “harvest” oil and natural gas in Colorado. The full name “Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development” captured  the key elements on which to base our education campaign, while its acronym CRED, short for “street cred” or “credibility,” would be a subtle reminder conveying trust.


After research was conducted, we learned that our campaign needed to encourage people to get the facts about fracking and then decide for themselves. We couldn’t talk down to people or feel like “big oil” propaganda. The tagline gets to the heart of this message and acts as the cornerstone of all of the marketing—Go the Extra Mile.


Philosophy reviewed similar campaigns and logos nationwide, and all of the logos we analyzed had an oil and natural gas feel. Let’s just say pump jacks were a mainstay. We felt that we needed to embrace the environment with our logo and emphasize our responsibility to leave the earth a better place for humans, animals and the environment. The state park-like feel of the logo accomplishes this nicely.


The website was designed so people could learn more about fracking. The team developed an in-depth “answer advisor” capability so people could find answers to questions and “get the facts.” While logistically, with lawyers and review processes, it involved a lot of fact-checking, we still believe in the power of the Q&A section.

Outdoor - TV Spots / Radio / Billboards

The first round of advertising for the education campaign was called “Questions.” It simply asked the viewers questions and then encouraged them to get the facts, like “Does fracking affect my drinking water?” Almost immediately we noticed a huge spike in people trying to find an answer to the questions online. We were pleased that the dialogue had begun. Several weeks later, we ran a second TV spot called “Answers,” where the person who asked the questions then got the facts and was able to answer the question on camera. It was a wildly successful campaign. The proof? The people of Colorado were educated and no longer saw the issue of fracking as contentious. We supplemented the effort with ads in Spanish as well.

We can help your brand grow past your expectations.
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