Co-managed a Colorado Proud influencer event that nearly tripled KPIs across the board (engagements, impressions and audience growth)

Led Lightning Bus Music Festival’s social media team and doubled expected ticket sales through both paid and organic social

Wrote a Social Media 101 blog was was published in Colorado Biz Magazine and garnered a new business lead for Philosophy

Alli Westbrook


Social media is called social for a reason. Social content should encourage a dialogue between both the creator and the consumer but you’d be surprised to know that, more often than not, businesses’ social media content is a one-way street. That’s where Alli comes in. 


In a world inundated with unilateral content, Alli combines her knack for storytelling with an unwavering commitment to fresh ideas to produce campaigns that break the cookie-cutter mold of social and ignites an authentic connection between brand and audience. With a background in marketing and a love for writing, she found her professional purpose at the intersection of creativity and strategy. From music festivals and bands, to non-profit organizations and large corporations, she’s helped brands discover what differentiates them from the rest of the herd, who their audience is and how they consume media, and executed accordingly. 


Outside of the grind, she’s either at a live music event, connecting with nature, cuddled up with a book, or on her yoga mat.




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