Blogs are the new…

No matter the size of your company, brand, or firm, personal and professional—blogging has become the new dimension of website engagement. It is one of the best ways to communicate directly to your clients and customers while relaying a direct and to-the-point message about whatever content you choose.

Here are just some of the benefits from creating a blogging endeavor:

  1. Control. When you create either your personal or professional blog, the only content that will be published is the content you create.
  2. Limited budget. Blogs are inexpensive and add in relatively low-cost analytics, you have an extremely inexpensive marketing campaign that can reach an exceptionally large audience.
  3. Search Engine Optimization. Adding new content creates buzz around your website which inhibits the “spiders” to crawl it again. In doing so, your website will develop more traffic and higher rankings.
  4. Easy to share. A simple copy, paste, and post of the link to your blog post will amplify traffic to both your social media sites and your website.
  5. Education. The ability to create an educational sphere will give your clients and customers an opportunity to learn from you and growth with you. It also shows your audience that your blog is not solely promotional—it is for the greater education for your customers.
  6. Build Credibility. Creating a persona that your audience can relate to and understand can construct an unparalleled trust in your brand, company and the product or service you deliver. It goes beyond links, websites, and social media to create a relationship.

Don’t look at blogging as a synonym for exhausting, dreading, time-consuming, but rather as an opportunity to create a voice behind your brand and to have control over what is published and when.

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