As web technology advances…so must your website.

As digital technologies emerge, evolve, and become widespread, advertising tactics have to push the envelope to create uniquely interactive campaigns that captures the audience.

A website is no longer just a simple tool for a company to gain online awareness and provide information to their audience. Agencies and companies have to dive deeper into their digital strategy to create exciting sites that encompass and encourage a two-way interaction with the viewers.

Websites have come a long way since Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, published the very first site in 1991. This site simply displayed information about his project.

The Web Has Evolved…A Lot

Since then, website programming has evolved from basic tables structures and Flash elements to CSS-based sites that use JavaScript. These new elements provide programmers and web designers tools to create a dynamic environment that engages the viewers with unique ways of presenting and interacting with information. The Internet has become a vast and exciting playground for both designers and companies, especially as people become more and more dependent on digital data.

A well-thought-out digital strategy will push a company’s brand to the next level of engagement, way beyond just an online presence. This strategy has to be clear and focused on its objectives and audience. The many tools that are available now allow the company to analyze the effectiveness of the website design, from tracking clicks and viewing behaviors to understanding how visitors get to the site. This information should be used to further drive the online strategy and design.

Remember that websites and the strategies behind them are not permanent. Companies must continuously evolve their site as technology advances and the audience’s needs change. Yahoo! Is a great example of a site that has evolved over time to meet viewers’ needs and expectations for their web portal. Here are some screenshots of Yahoo!’s changing landscape over the years.

Update Your Website to be with the Times

These are just a few of the endless possibilities for what a website can be programmed to do. For example, the constant need to share information led to the creation of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and as programming technologies become more and more interactive, companies will have to redefine their digital strategies to keep their audiences engaged with their brand — or they will lose their audience and competitive edge.

The challenge now is to imagine the possibilities of websites in a new and strategic way.

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