Think Small in the Growing Digital World

It’s time to think small – small in the sense of your screen size. People today are using their phones and tablets to do more and more things that traditionally needed computers. A great example is surfing the internet or streaming videos and movies. The use of mobile devices will only increase as wireless technologies and networks become faster. While this is a big reason to think small, it is only a small factor to consider. What mobile devices can provide is real-time data. Data is key to providing consumers with targeted and individualized content.

With Apple and Google moving towards the digital wallet, companies will be able to quickly get a sense of someone’s buying habits. And when you combine this with social networking data and GPS technology, you can create instant offers as people view certain content or as people approach a store.

Apps are huge in terms of interacting with an audience. Nike, for example, has utilized the tech in smartphones to create apps that help track running stats and created a network of users that help inspire each other. Waze is another app that has taken full advantage of the smartphone. This navigation app uses real-time data from users to track traffic and create alternative routes. People are able to ping accident points as well as give a heads up to others about dangerous objects on the road.

Mobile devices is now starting to morph into wearable devices. With the Samsung Gear and announcement of the Apple Watch, companies are taking it one step further in terms of usability and convenience. While this is not yet mainstream, people are already starting to think about its use as a marketing tool and how it will affect future efforts.

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