Share the Love: Showing Customer Appreciation in Everyday Activities

Customers are businesses’ bread and butter. Truly, they keep all businesses alive and thriving—and that’s a big deal. They are important because they are your brand advocates and have a powerful influence in many communities.

So how can you share the love and show your customers that you appreciate them? Try the following strategies and you can be certain your business will get raving reviews and keep those loyal customers coming back for more.

Provide social support—Show your support and appreciation of their business online through social media. Try writing a recommendation about doing business with them on LinkedIn or share one of their business blog posts on your company’s Facebook page. You could also give them a shout out on Twitter using a #FF (Follow Friday) mention, encouraging your followers to follow your customer. This is a widely used practice that helps your client get additional online exposure in the “Twittersphere:” (for do’s and don’ts, check out Aaron Lee’s excellent #FF How To.) Simple acts like this show your customer that you are not only watching their business’ activity online but you support and care about what they are doing.

Invest in the personal details—Let’s face it: we are not robots. We are people with feelings and emotions who have a lot going on both personally and professionally. Before meeting with a client to talk business, take some time prior to the meeting to get to know who they are as a person. See what makes them tick and what their hobbies are. Do they have any fun plans for the weekend? How is their family? Inquiring about these little personal details shows the customer you care about their well-being—which ultimately impacts how they do business with you.

Be on the lookout for relevant business news—Beyond the products and services you provide customers, try to monitor news and trends in the industry they work in. For example, if we find relevant news articles that could be of benefit to our client’s business, we forward them along. Customers and clients tend to appreciate acts like this because they feel you are watching their back and have their business health and happiness in mind at all times.

What’s the best part about these strategies? You can turn your customers into brand advocates for your business and build strong and healthy relationships with your customers. We are strong believers in cultivating meaningful relationships with our customers and showing them support on a daily basis is a step in the right direction to success.

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