Making the most impact with A/B testing

Posted on September 29, 2015   |   

Being a marketer in today’s modern world is quite the gift. With endless information and data available at consumers’ fingertips, they may not be aware of the interfaces, platforms, even mail that is customized specifically for them.

This marketing technique is called A/B Testing, or split testing which (in a nutshell) means elements from a website/ad/mailer have been changed for different users to see which performs better.  The graphic below is an example of how split testing can look.

This type of testing comes in handy in a few different situations:

  1. The business has entered a new market and is unsure which demographic is the correct to target
  2. The call-to-action (CTA) message could be more direct to see if that approach works better than others
  3. If a business is experimenting with a new platform (such as Facebook or online advertising)

One example of how Philosophy recently utilized split testing was an ad campaign for client Montessori Children’s House of Denver. Both of the below ads were placed on Facebook with different images. Testing determined that the image with numerous kids had a higher return than the image with one child.

Most of the time split testing is utilized on a digital platform because it is more cost effective. It is less expensive to change colors on a “submit” button on a website than it is to do a second print run on a direct mail piece. In addition, if results come back negative, digital platform changes can be done in a timely manner whereas printed pieces are usually more difficult to change.

If A/B testing is something that you think could benefit your company’s marketing strategy, give us a call at 303-394-2366 or send an email to info@philosophycommunication.com. Our marketing team is always ready to help you target the right customers for your business and maximize your marketing efforts.