How To Integrate Your Digital Communication Efforts

Ever heard of the phrase, “There is power in numbers?” Well, that is certainly the case for communication. There is power in syncing up your communication efforts and maintaining consistent messaging across all communication platforms, be it your website, social media presence, or email list. If you feel like you struggle to keep all your PR and marketing efforts aligned and complimentary, there are several ways to create order out of chaos.

Blogging—Increase blog readership and traffic using integration. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you are adding a call-to-action at the end of your blog posts that invites readers to take their comments online to your business’ social media platforms. Try creating a specific hashtag on Twitter that readers can use to comment on recent blog posts and hyperlink your social media accounts within your blog post. This makes it easy for readers to visit your social media accounts directly, while engaging in conversation about your new content.

Newsletter—Your newsletter is an additional touch point to existing customers and clients to keep you top of mind. It could offer tips and tricks to benefit your target audiences, notify customers of an upcoming promotion or sale or share company news. One way to do this while integrating your other communication platforms is to leverage your blog posts. If your business is blogging on a regular basis (and we hope it is!), why not link your blog posts and news items within your newsletter? This drives more traffic to your website while increasing your blog readership.

Social Media—Looking to boost your social media engagement through integration? Try offering a social media contest with prizes. Then, integrate the contest with your blog and newsletter. First, write a blog post about the contest with specific details about why it is being offered, its purpose, rules and how long it lasts. Then post that blog on social media—you can even develop a specific hashtag to increase visibility on Twitter and Facebook. You can also announce the contest in your next newsletter in case your subscribers missed it in their social media feeds. This leverages your business’s existing fan base and ensures the contest reaches the right people at the right time in the right way.

These are just a few of the ways your business can start integrating its communication platforms to increase visibility, and consistency, overall. Since you spend time managing each of these platforms anyway, why not leverage the content within them to reach the audiences you want and be a part of the conversation?

If your business is struggling to integrate its communication efforts, give us a call at 303-394-2366 or send an email to We would be delighted to help hone your brand message and infuse it across all your communication platforms to grow your business.

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