Great People, Great Work — The Philosophy Way

Posted on August 29, 2022   |   

Philosophy was created around the idea that clients deserve better. They deserve more strategy and more proactive ideas. Most importantly, they deserve an agency that wants to build relationships with them — not just with their wallets. And to assure our clients gain a deep relationship that inspires quality work, we created a work environment that allows space for compassionate, creative thinkers. We’ve got great people who are innately motivated to do great work. 

Great People

When it comes to hiring, we look for people with ambition, empathy and creativity. We believe staff can only be as creative and productive as their environment allows them to be. That’s why we strive to construct a workspace and operation that truly respects the importance of our staff’s lives and families. 

If you look at our website, you’ll notice that we don’t use traditional titles for our staff. That’s because we don’t want to let typical corporate labels define the work that we do. Our titles tell you about who we are as professionals. They tell you the unique perspective we bring to our work and how we approach every client. They are our difference, and it’s those differences that benefit our clients.  

From logo designs to advertising campaigns to social media strategies, our team members bring our difference to tackle marketing challenges with optimism and rigor. We believe that we are  “students of the business” because learning never stops. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been doing this for five months or 15 years, there’s always something new to learn. If we keep honing our skills, our clients can trust that they’re getting the best work possible. 

Great Work

Good ideas aren’t found, they’re conjured up and nurtured by our team. Anyone can design logos, advertisements, or build websites, but it takes a different kind of agency to approach the task with substance and strategy. We don’t just give clients what they want, we give them what they need. Our staff goes above and beyond to not only deliver current projects but also to anticipate our clients’ future needs. We push our thinking and our client’s thinking with innovative ideas. We call this a calculated disruption, where we look inside and outside the industry to be inspired by fresh perspectives. 

To pursue the goals we’ve set for ourselves and our clients, we don’t limit ourselves to standard procedures. Clients come to us for our out-of-the-box thinking and the wow factor.  A landing page with an interactive map is more effective at fostering engagement than telling people to download a brochure. A trendy Instagram reel can capture more responses than a static graphic. A neatly compiled ebook comparing two companies’ business strategies is more informative and helpful at gaining relevant leads. What may be initially thought of as just a tactic, to Philosophy it’s the opportunity for brands to connect with an audience. These key connections are the foundation to building meaningful relationships, which ultimately end up inspiring behaviors with our clients and our community. Since the very beginning, we’ve been able to do this because of our longstanding vision of “great work and great lives.”