Benefits of a Dog-Friendly Office

As the world begins to go back to normal, more and more employees are heading back into the office. While that might be good news, it certainly is not for our four-legged friends, who have been enjoying their extra time with us while we were working in our PJs. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that companies have to be more flexible and extend their benefits. One great benefit to add, as more offices are opening, is becoming a dog-friendly workspace. According to the Washington Post, more than 23 million families adopted a pet during the pandemic in America. Not only do our furry friends enjoy a day out of the house, but pets in the workplace can create a multitude of benefits for everyone in the office.

Boost Morale

Keeping morale high at the office can be a tricky task, especially as employees begin to return to working in the office. Seeing a wagging tail and puppy-dog eyes can boost the morale of employees during the workday. It’s exciting to see dogs out and about; imagine having an office dog! While dogs can produce some initial distractions, they help employees enjoy the work that they do in the long run. This keeps employees happy and productive.

Increase Employee Retention

High employee turnovers are often a result of individuals feeling unappreciated and unsupported. Often, tensions in the workplace can contribute greatly to absenteeism. Most dog owners consider their furry friend to be a family member. By having a dog-friendly office, employees can feel like they are part of a family rather than a cog in a machine. When companies go the extra mile to accommodate employees’ needs, they are happier and more likely to produce great work.

Reduce Stress

Having dogs around can alleviate stress for working professionals and remind them to take a moment for self-care. Many studies have shown that being around pets makes our bodies release oxytocin, the stress-reducing hormone. Whether it’s a good back scratch or a little play session, employees need distractions throughout the day so that they can come back to their tasks with a fresh mindset.

Some employees may also feel stressed from leaving their furry friends at home for an extended period. With a dog-friendly office, they can come to work feeling confident and satisfied that they can still take care of their beloved family members.

Better Physical Health

Not only do our four-legged friends help us with our mental health, but they also improve our physical well-being. Being around dogs has been shown to improve cardiovascular health as well as lower blood pressure. Dogs can entice employees to get up and take a quick walk to stretch out their bodies after sitting at their desks for a long time.

Improve Workplace and Company Culture

Another great benefit of dogs in the office is that it’s a conversation starter. “What’s her name?” or “how old is he?” are quick ways for coworkers to get to know one another. For companies, big or small, chances for casual conversations may be rare. With a dog or two around, employees can expand their social circle with people they may not interact with every day.

This also allows companies to show their appreciation for employees and make them feel valued. If employees associate their company and employer with positive feelings, they are more likely to enjoy going into the office. Keeping employees happy can ensure that their work continues to be stellar. 

We love that Philosophy Communication is a dog-friendly office. While it’s helpful for our employees who are dog owners, sometimes it is the employees who aren’t dog owners that enjoy the perks the most.

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