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The Genesis of Our Company and Its Approach

From the beginning in 2001, Philosophy Communication believed that their clients deserved better. Better service. Better work. Better results. So we formed a better firm.

Philosophy believes that a meaningful client relationship is the key to delivering exceptional creative work. And, by always keeping the client relationship at the center of everything we do, we’ve been able to build the trust necessary to inspire big ideas that positively change businesses financially, operationally and culturally.

But ideas do not spring into the air fully formed; they are imagined and shaped by our people. We believe it is important to invest in our relationships with our employees to inspire great work. Because great work makes for better lives, hence the basis for the agency was born with our internal mantra: “great work. great lives.”


Philosophy’s Raison D’être

  • 1. Clients deserve an agency that cares about them as people and is driven to produce great work because they care.

    2. Agency staff are more creative and productive in a work environment that truly respects the importance of their lives and families.

  • With the idea of a new and better agency in mind, they needed a name with which to summon it into being. Sitting on the floor of the Denver Central Library, surrounded by dusty books, they scoured the options. And there it was, the magic word, “philosophy”—where the exploration of thought and action meet to guide our lives, the perfect word for a new and better approach to marketing.


And so Philosophy Communication was born.

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To S or Not to S?

Communications: a technical term for all means of distributing messages; e.g. a telephone call or a television ad. Sometimes used interchangeably with the message.

Communication: the living act, in which an idea is shared, received, interpreted, then responded and reacted to. The basis of all human relationships and communities.

In the realm of marketing and public relations, the former amounts to the tactical. The latter, though, taps into a fundamental aspect of life to strategically facilitate the interactions between businesses and their stakeholders (which include customers and clients). We are in the business of the latter, changing the perception of our clients’ organizations and how each intersects with people’s lives.

We are practitioners of an art we’ve named shaping thought: creating dialogues to build meaningful relationships that inspire behaviors.



Over the years at Philosophy Communication, we’ve grown as a team, won awards, and evolved as an agency, but what hasn’t changed is the importance of the relationship: our client-first approach and our devotion to our team. The way we work guarantees big ideas, and when our clients see the big results those ideas generate, all are rewarded. Want to get in touch? Contact us today!

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

It takes Diversity of Thought, Culture and Perspective to Truly Shape Thought

Philosophy’s vision is Great Work. Great Lives. For that vision to be fully expressed, our work and business lives must celebrate everyone — and we mean everyone.

At Philosophy, we believe everyone has a gift, and it is the sum of those gifts that allows our company to succeed. As a company, we feel it is our employees’ responsibility to bring their gifts to the work we do and for Philosophy to provide an inclusive environment where everyone’s gifts can shine. We celebrate the gifts our employees bring to the company by proudly displaying those gifts visually within our office.

By fostering a culture of tolerance and compassion, we encourage all team members to speak up without hesitation or fear. We actively seek different perspectives because we believe everyone’s voice has a place at Philosophy. We work to create an environment where people can safely disagree if they are feeling offended or misunderstood. We use statements like “that is inappropriate” when something makes us feel uncomfortable and express how we feel in the moment so we all gain ease and comfort around each other and share our feelings at the first sign of discomfort.

We assume positive intent of our coworkers: we trust from the outset that they are doing their best with the resources and information they have at hand. From there, we rely on our core value of courage to become curious and ask questions when we have differences of opinion, because we know that creativity comes from diversity of thought. We know that when all employees are encouraged to speak up they will  create the type of company they want to work for. We use Emergentics as a tool to foster cognitive diversity and work to create whole brain groups when working with each other. We look for people whose unique thinking styles can blend with others to create bigger ideas together than each could alone.

To us, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) is not a business strategy. It is our culture. We see our employees as leaders in our community and believe we are role models who live by our examples and actions – not by our words. We embody our core value of integrity by representing an inner sense of wholeness and consistency of character, regardless of the circumstance.

We believe that a company that builds great leaders attracts great people with diverse backgrounds, talents, skills, and abilities, so we’ve developed a custom Path to Leadership program that helps shape our employees into leaders within our community. We’ve created an internal Philosophy Experience that provides a framework for our team to become students of our business through continuous improvement and leadership. When adding to our team, we seek people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and experiences to further our leadership in innovation and creativity.

When it comes to Philosophy Communication and DEI, we embrace each person’s gifts, respect all voices, actively seek out differences, and lead by example.