This year, Philosophy Communication celebrates its 15th birthday.

As an agency, as families, as people, we’ve grown a lot over those 15 years, and so this celebration is a big deal for us. But we soon realized that it isn’t easy expressing why it’s such a big deal. We could have sat in a room and gotten all philosophical (and we may yet). But first, we turned to the experts in what it means to be 15: fifteen-year-olds.


On Marketing

What is marketing? PR? Advertising? Our 15-year olds struggled to define these strategies and their significance. But they’re not alone! Fortunately, for the past 15 years, Philosophy Communication has dedicated itself to the art of shaping thought – that is, creating ideas that inspire behavior. Its not an easy thing to do. But we love it and are proud to have helped hundreds of businesses tell their stories through marketing, public relations and advertising campaigns.

Self Image

Image and reputation are essential elements of a successful communication campaign. Reflecting on our work, we asked 15-year olds what image means to them.

Inspired by our work elevating client’s images, we are donating our expertise to Dress for Success Denver, a nonprofit organization empowering women-in-need. To kick off our partnership, we are supporting their 2nd Annual Winter White Fashion Show taking place November 4. Click here for details and to purchase tickets.

Learn more on our blog post.

15 Years

What’s so great about being 15? How is 15 better than 10? Or 14? Or 14 ½? What does it mean to have given 15 years of your life and love to something?

We asked 15-year-olds and their responses got us thinking. It was an amazing road that led us to our strong foundation and stability, yet we see a new path ahead that is full of potential, optimism and curiosity.

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Stay tuned for more videos from our awesome panel of fifteen-years-olds.